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Why people chose our studio for their senior portraits?


 We asked, this is what they said:





  1. FUNWe hear it all the time. “I had a blast.” “It was so much fun.” “I’d love to do it again.” “I waited 17 years for this.” “I felt like a model.” 
  1. VARIETY. “Too many good ones to choose from.” “I loved them all.” The portraits were all different, even different expressions.” “Indoor, outdoor, all different backgrounds, very creative sets, full length, close-ups, ¾ length, formal, casual and none of them looked fake or uncomfortable.”
  1. QUALITYSome of the comments we heard were: “I never thought I could look so good – they made it so easy.” “The backgrounds and sets complemented my outfits.” “My finished portraits were great, they took the time to retouch every finished portrait, to make me look my best.” “A friend of mine went to another studio and her wallets had blemishes showing and dark circles under her eyes, I couldn’t believe it.”
  1. NATURAL EXPRESSIONS. “My son’s school pictures always had fake smiles, I was really worried about his senior portraits. He didn’t even want to have them taken. Mark and staff did a great job of relaxing him, making the session quick and painless. On the way home he told me he had a great time and he felt so comfortable. When I saw the images, they looked great.”  
  1. THE EXPERIENCE. “They did everything to help me get the portraits I wanted. They also helped mom get the portraits she wanted.” “It was very organized, and before we left we knew when our images would be ready and when it was time to order. It really helped mom plan ahead and I got my portraits really quick.” “When we ordered my daughter’s portraits, it was easy. My husband and I got the portraits we wanted and our daughter got the ones she wanted for her friends.”  
  1. NEW THINGSMany comments from the new sets and backgrounds. “My sister came to you 2 years ago and her portraits were great, but mine were different because of the new sets you have and mom loved the difference, thank you.” “I came with a friend and none of our portraits looked the same.”
  1. OUR GUARANTEE. [If you’re not happy, neither are we.] THERE IS NO RISK AT MARK JEWELL PHOTOGRAPHY! We will do more photography or remake them or your money back. “I wanted a portrait to match my older son’s and I forgot to tell Mark [communication is the key.] They did it even though I felt it was my fault. They are great to work with.” 
  1. PRICEWe’re not the cheapest [you can tell by our work] and we’re far from being the most expensive. Here’s what we hear: “The way your portraits look and feel we thought they would be very expensive – we got just what we wanted and it cost less than we expected.” “A friend of ours went to a place where everything sounded cheap and they had to pay extra for everything that should have been done in the first place and their portraits ended up costing more than ours.”  




Few things gain value as much as a professional portrait.

































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